Don’t you hate losing track of all the blogs you follow regularly? And isn’t it time consuming to check every other day to see if anything new has been published?

To make things easier, you can subscribe to blogs you like and get notified the instant when a new post is published.

There are many ways to subscribe to Go Eat Give:

1 – Subscribe via a News Feed Reader

Sign into a news feed reader (eg Google Reader) and copy & paste the following RSS feed address into the subscribe box.

Once you compile all your favorite blogs into this reader, you can always check the news feed reader (as you would check your email) and see the most recently published posts.

2 – Subscribe via email

This way, you will be notified by an email each time a new post is published on Go Eat Give.

Just enter your email address in the box below and start receiving updates from Go Eat Give.

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3 – Add to your Personalized Pages

Yahoo, Google and MSN provide customized pages for its users. If you are using one of these services, click on the relevant banner below to add Go Eat Give feed to your personalized page.

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