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1992 at the hour of the day of August, PRESIDENT Permitted: ORAY P. ROGERS, ST. MARY PARISH day off. ATTEST Kimberly W PUSATERl, CLERK ST. MAAY PARiSH COUNCIL Th Ordinance ejbmtwd to th P-ttkot of Mary Parah on thai th day of August 183atisahourot Authorized: PRESIDENT ORAY P. POOER8. Louisiana. BE IT ORDAINED by the St. Mary Perth Council, State of LoUeiene, m regular aeeeon convened on to the twelfth day of August 1992: Section I. The tour-wey stop imperfection of Cancel and Clarett Street then be designated a two-approach atop Intereeoten. Section VII. Al Ordmsnce, or components tf-so, m conflict here Thai snd they artwork he ‘toy repeated. The Morris County Geographic Info Systems (MCGIS) Section (of the Department of knowledge Know-how) welcomes you to explore Morris County GIS via MCPRIMA (Morris County Public Useful resource Interactive Mapping Application).

Please contact MCGIS Services for more data relating to these safe websites. NoteCreated with Geographic Info Methods (GIS); Created in cooperation with the U.S. Click here for information about Quotation Management Instruments at Rutgers. Click on the file format icon to download. Please be Bandera County GIS Shapefile and Property Data aware that most files are compressed (zip) format and can be extracted before use. PDF format is widely accepted and good for printing. The interactive mapping purposes underneath LOGIN REQUIRED APPS are applications for municipal/native company use with modifying capabilities to update our GIS inventories. Please select any mapping applications in the apps menu under PUBLIC APPS to explore our information free of charge by your web browser. Digital data is on the market for obtain.